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  Paper and/or Containerboard, Paperboard, Linerboard, etc.
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  Pulp and Tissue (integrated facility)

2. If your company manufactures any of the products listed in Section 1, but the location where you work is not the site of a mill, check below the nature of the business:
  Headquarters office
  Branch office
  Woodlands operation
  Converting operation
  Research, technical, or engineering laboratory or facility

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  Paper merchant and/or distributor
  Importer or exporter of pulp, paper, board, tissue, etc.
  Buyer of paper and/or paperboard for end-use purposes
  Independent converting plant
  Independent producer, supplier, or dealer of pulpwood or pulp chips
  Consultant: engineering, technical, production, or research
  Manufacturer or distributer of machinery, equipment, chemicals or supplies
  Educational institution
  Industry association
  Financial institution
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