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Sappi Employees Recognized for Contributions to Industry Advancing Endeavors in Paper and Packaging

Beth Cormier Beth Cormier, VP - Research, Development & Sustainability at Sappi North America.

May 31, 2023 - Sappi North America announced that several of its employees have received awards for their endeavors in creative graphics, leadership and innovative initiatives.

The Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) awarded Beth Cormier, VP of research, development and sustainability, a Women in Industry Division's 2023 Woman of the Year Award; recognized Joseph Fernandez, research fellow, with the 2023 Coating & Graphic Arts Division Technical Award and BASF Charles W. Engelhard Medallion and Honorarium; and bestowed Matthew Howard, area process systems manager, with the TAPPI Award for Best Process Control Paper.

Additionally, David Niles, senior print and converting scientist, received the Michael H. Bruno award from the Technical Association of Graphic Arts (TAGA).

"Over the years, Sappi has reached impressive heights in R&D, sustainability and employee well-being which would not be possible without the integral contributions of our employees," said Mike Haws, CEO of Sappi North America. "We proudly boast their award wins as they truly are well deserved and indicative of the dedication they bring to work each day."

TAPPI's Women in Industry Division recognizes women in leadership that have had an impact on their peers, communities and the paper and pulp industry. Beth Cormier, a 35-year veteran at Sappi, has not only exemplified a commitment to sustainability but has remained a true leader and mentor to her colleagues. She has championed initiatives advancing Sappi's strides to decarbonize and efforts to develop more renewable solutions for the paper and packaging markets.

For over two decades, Joe Fernandez has been a leader of innovative research initiatives for Sappi's Mills to streamline product development, process optimization and more. Joe's TAPPI Coating & Graphic Arts Division Technical Award and BASF Charles W. Engelhard Medallion and Honorarium commemorates his exceptional contributions and accomplishments which have driven the needle on industry technological advancement.

Matthew Howard received the TAPPI Process Control Subdivision Best Paper award for his 2022 research paper, "Where did that Transmitter Come From? A Foray into Feedforward Control," which he accepted at the 2023 TAPPICon. Matt's presentation at TAPPICon focused on an engineer's journey of learning and applying feedforward control concepts through trial, error and project work at the Somerset Mill.

Joining an elite group of graphic arts professionals, David Niles won TAGA's prestigious Michael H. Bruno Award which is only bestowed upon select individuals in the industry in recognition of their contributions to pioneer advancements in graphic arts around the globe.

Sappi North America, headquartered in Boston, is a market leader in converting wood fiber into superior products that customers demand worldwide. Its four diversified businesses — high-quality Graphic Papers, Dissolving Pulp, Packaging, and Specialty Papers — deliver premium products and services with consistent quality and reliability.

SOURCE: Sappi North America, Inc.

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