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Voith PapermakingAcademy at Obbola Mill

Voith's PapermakingAcademy Contributes to Successful Start-up of PM 2 at SCA Obbola Mill

May 17, 2023 - Voith delivered effective commissioning trainings for the November 2022 start-up of the world's largest kraftliner machine, SCA's PM 2, in Obbola, Sweden. Thanks to Voith's PapermakingAcademy and comprehensive documentation, the SCA team was optimally prepared for operation of its new state-of-the-art facility.

"A key factor to the successful start-up here in Obbola has been the training given to the employees," says Lisa Lundström Hämälä, Process Engineer at SCA. "Voith prepared extensive training materials, and Voith and SCA together made sure there were several occasions for each training so employees could attend while also running our old, now closed paper machine."

Voith's PapermakingAcademy offers target group-specific training programs and courses that cover the entire life cycle of a paper machine and the plant's components. It also enables customers to use and operate their paper machines to their optimal capacity.

Stefanie Schmied, Concept Manager Digital Training at Voith Paper, added, "With the PapermakingAcademy, we are expanding the previous training offered by the Voith PaperSchool, which primarily covered service-related topics. Voith Paper now offers a comprehensive course catalog — from basic training units on our new machines and commissioning to in-depth, application-oriented expert training of specific service activities."

Voith's PapermakingAcademy course catalog gives information about all courses, the respective learning objectives and the recommended target groups. This ensures that participants get the maximum benefit from training in homogeneous learning groups and that customers can make use of a comprehensive and unique training offering to educate their personnel in the best possible way.

Voith Paper, part of the Voith Group, is the full-line supplier to the paper industry, providing a wide range of technologies, services, components and products, and offers paper manufacturers solutions from a single source.


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