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MM Board & Paper to Make Major Investments in Modernization Projects at Three Mills

MM Board & Paper MM Board & Paper says, "Downtime means progress: We invest in state-of-the-art technology, product development, sustainability and therefore in the future!"

Jan. 30, 2023 - Mayr-Melnhof (MM) Board & Paper will rebuild board machines at its mills in Frohnleiten (Austria), Neuss (Germany) and Kolicevo (Solvenia), implementing technologically advanced industrial processes and production improvements.

MM Frohnleiten Mill has two board machines — BM2 and BM3 — with a combined capacity to produce 520,000 tpy of recycled cartonboard.

The rebuild of Board Machine 3 in Frohnleiten mill is an integral part of MM's current investment program and the previously announced Euro 100 million modernization. Fully automated and optimized production processes will significantly increase the efficiency of the stock preparation while reducing specific energy consumption. The latest production technologies in cartonboard manufacturing (e.g. modernization of board machine and finishing department) will raise product quality and capacities. Innovative digitalized logistics processes will significantly accelerate and optimize the material flow. The rebuild will lead to a further enhancement of MM's multi-mill concept allowing for the production of same recycled board grades at various mill locations.

The modernization of BM3 scheduled from February to mid-March 2023.

MM Neuss Mill has one board machine, BM5, with the capacity to produce 350,000 tpy of Liner (Offset Liner, Flexo Liner) and recycled cartonboard.

The rebuild in MM's Neuss mill will transform the current BM 5 into a state-of-the-art linerboard machine. This transformation will allow MM to offer its established liner product range with premium technical specifications (due to the installation of a sizer and curtain coater), an enlarged substance range and new innovative products that offer sustainable solutions. In parallel, a new winder will be installed to follow increasing production volume. MM Neuss will continue to be a part of the MM multi-mill concept, offering the same WLC product range as today.

The modernization of BM5 scheduled from mid-March to beginning of May 2023

MM Kolicevo Mill has one board machine, BM3, with the capacity to produce 225,000 tpy of recycled cartonboard, virgin fibre cartonboard, and liner (Offset Liner, Flexo Liner).

Kolicevo┬┤s BM3 is one of a kind. The option of operating the machine in swing mode allows for increased production of virgin fibre cartonboard, recycled cartonboard, or liner, depending on current demand, thus enabling the mill to flexibly adapt to changing market requirements. The aim of the conversion is to raise product quality and expand capacities. The environment will benefit too by using the latest drying technology and a highly modern curtain sizer, which will reduce the CO2 footprint due to high starch solids. Additional investments are related to a new rewinder that enable a higher speed and thus improve the productivity of BM3.

The modernization BM3 scheduled in August and September 2023

Highest Supply Security During Conversion Phase

According to MM, a seamless supply during the rebuild downtimes at the mills is guaranteed. "Through proactive advance production of standard grades in high demand, we assure highest supply security during the conversion phase. In addition, our multi-mill concept secures additionally a smooth supply to our customers," MM said.

Mayr-Melnhof (MM) Group is a leading global producer of cartonboard and folding cartons with an attractive offer in kraft papers and uncoated fine papers for various end applications.

SOURCE: Mayr-Melnhof Group

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