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ProGest Starts-up New Recycled Containerboard Machine at Mantua Mill in Italy

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Nov. 24, 2020 - Pro-Gest Group today announced that it has started-up a new recycled containerboard machine at the Mantua mill in northern Italy. The new machine has the capacity to produce over 400,000 tons per year of testliner and fluting from 100% recycled material.

Pro-Gest first publicly announced the 300 million euro investment at the Mantua mill in 2016, explaining that it would renovate the mill to eventually produce containerboard. Pro-Gest acquired the idled mill in 2015. The mill had produced newsprint until its closure in 2013.

The start-up of the new machine, which was originally scheduled to take place some 18 months ago, was delayed due to requirements set forth by local authorities during the renovation project at the mill site in 2019.

It was reported by news outlet EUWID that the machine is entering the test phase, which should last a few weeks, and that the machine is expected to produce marketable product in December.

SOURCE: Pro-Gest S.p.A.