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The Navigator Company Announces Price Increase for Its Paper Products in Europe

Navigator Paper

Aug. 30, 2021 - The Navigator Company said that it will increase paper prices in Europe up to 6% as a result of continuing escalation in raw materials, logistics, energy and other costs.

"Since the beginning of the pandemic, the industry has been operating within a framework of unacceptable margins to remunerate capital, which jeopardizes its future sustainability," The Navigator Company said in a press release. "The escalation of prices for raw materials and subsidiaries, logistics, energy and CO2 throughout 2021 has brought even more pressure to these margins forcing the company to raise prices to recover acceptable levels of profitability. The present context on the demand side, with record high order books and supply limitations and disruptions supports this margin recovery movement along the value chain."

The price increase will be effective for all shipments from September 27.

Based in Portugal, The Navigator Company is a leading European manufacturer of uncoated printing and writing paper and bleached eucalyptus pulp with a total annual production capacity of about 1.6 million tons of paper and 1.5 million tons of pulp. To learn more, visit:

SOURCE: The Navigator Company

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