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Georgia-Pacific Reinvesting in Camas Paper Mill in Washington; $15 Million in Capital Improvements

By Kelly Moyer, Camas-Washougal Post-Record

Camas paper mill GP's $15 million in capital improvements at the Camas mill include a boiler that will increase the mill's steam generation and reduce emissions, and a project that will reduce water consumption and wastewater discharge.

March 3, 2020 - A little more than two years after Georgia-Pacific (GP) announced a major restructuring that eliminated close to 300 positions, closed the "Roaring 20" office paper line and shuttered pulp operations at the Camas paper mill, the company says it is reinvesting in the local manufacturing plant.

GP officials told its 150 Camas employees last week that the company is investing $15 million in capital improvements to make the remaining paper towel line more competitive and the plant itself more environmentally sustainable.

"The approval of these key projects is great news and I want to thank our 150 team members for their hard work and dedication this past year," Shawn Wood, vice president and manager of the Camas mill, stated in a news release.

According to Kristi Ward, GP's public affairs manager for the Camas mill, the $15 million in capital investments include a package boiler that will "significantly increase (the mill's) steam generation and reduce emissions" and a project that will allow the mill to recycle more water and "reduce water consumption and wastewater discharge."

Another project, expected to be completed in early 2021, will improve the mill's wireless capabilities and internal network.

The investments, according to the company's news release, will result in a cost-reduction benefit for the mill's paper towel products, "which positions the mill and (its) 150 team members to better compete for the long-term in the towel business."

The company expects construction of the package boiler to begin later this year and be ready for use in early 2021.

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SOURCE: Camas-Washougal Post-Record