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ANDRITZ Launches New Tissue Machine PrimeLineVRT for Dry Crepe Tissue

Andritz PrimeLineVRT The new VRT technology was developed and intensively tested at the ANDRITZ PrimeLineTIAC tissue pilot plant in Graz, Austria.

Feb. 28, 2020 - ANDRITZ has officially launched its new PrimeLineVRT — Vertical CrescentFormer — tissue machine for the production of dry crepe tissue.

According to ANDRITZ, the PrimeLineVRT features a vertical CrescentFormer in the forming section that enhances dewatering of the fiber web. This enables higher dryness right after the press section and an increase in paper caliper. Depending on the grade and basis weight of the paper produced, between two and four additional percentage points of dryness can be achieved after the press section compared to standard CrescentFormer configurations.

"The advantage of this new technology is that we do not need additional fabrics and fabric loops or any extra space in the basement for installation of the equipment. This results in lower building costs as well as easier operation and maintenance compared to similar technologies on the market," said Stefano Marenco, Director of PrimeLineTIAC and R&D Tissue at ANDRITZ.

The PrimeLineVRT was developed and extensively tested at the ANDRITZ Tissue Innovation and Application Center in Graz, Austria. This new technology is tailor-made for significant improvement of dry crepe production.

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