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SCA Announces $40 Price Hike for NBSK Pulp in Europe

SCA - Ostrand pulp mill

Jan. 28, 2020 - SCA on Jan. 27 announced that it will increase the price of its bleached softwood kraft pulp (NBSK) in Europe by $40 per tonne, moving the price from $820 to $860 per tonne.

The new price becomes effective as of Februrary 1, 2020.

About SCA Pulp

SCA Pulp produces bleached softwood kraft pulp, NBSK, and chemical thermo mechanical pulp, CTMP, at its Östrand pulp mill in Timrå, Sweden. The mill has the capacity to produce 900,000 tonnes per year of NBSK and 95,000 tonnes per year of CTMP.

Based in Sweden, SCA produces solid-wood products, pulp, kraftliner, publication papers and renewable energy. To learn more, please visit: