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Wynnchurch Capital Acquires Clyde Industries from Clyde Bergemann Power Group

Clyde Industries

Dec. 3, 2019 - Wynnchurch Capital, LLC announced today that it has acquired from Clyde Bergemann Power Group its pulp and paper business and certain regional industrial segments operating as Clyde Industries.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Clyde Industries (formerly Clyde Bergemann) is a provider of highly engineered boiler efficiency/cleaning systems, spare parts and services for the global pulp and paper industry and a leading providing equipment and aftermarket part solutions for industrial applications.

The new company will consist of six subsidiaries operating in the USA, Canada, Columbia, Brazil, Finland and Indonesia. Headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

According to Clyde Industries, it has developed significant innovations in its core sootblower offering, including technologies designed to remove residue and deposits that build up in recovery and power boilers — with such residue creating safety hazards, process efficiency reductions or complete boiler shutdown if not properly eliminated.

SOURCE: Wynnchurch Capital, LLC