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Konecranes to Supply All Cranes for Green Bay Packaging's New Recycled Containerboard Mill

Konecranes - Paper Mill

Nov. 18, 2019 - Konecranes announced that it will supply the bridge cranes for Green Bay Packaging new $500 million, recycled containerboard mill being built on the company's existing 38-acre site in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Green Bay Packaging produces recycled kraft paper products used in the food and beverage industry and other consumer products. The new mill will generate 685,000 tons annually, over double that of the current operation.

The value of the order was not disclosed.

Konecranes's scope of supply comprises bridge cranes for the entire mill, including two identical SMARTON® cranes for the wet end and dry end of the paper machine, three CXT maintenance cranes, and four Autostore fully automated storage cranes whose software package will interface with the facility's conveyor as well as other systems for warehousing and shipping.

The cranes are rated for CMAA Class C/D service and are radio-controlled. They are also equipped with TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring, which collects key data points for crane maintenance planning and extended equipment life and is closely integrated to the yourKONECRANES® cloud-based customer portal, bringing crane maintenance information online for all asset managers to see.

Green Bay Packaging's Director of Logistics Frank Miller says that Konecranes automatic storage and retrieval system was a critical component for the new mill.

“There's no way that we could store the amount of paper that we need to on our site without this Konecranes technology,” says Miller. “Konecranes ASRS enabled us to store more paper in a much smaller area than either a standard warehouse or high density storage rack type application. A high density rack application is linked to the size of the roll you are going to manufacture, and there's not a lot of flexibility if your roll sizes change in width or diameter. Konecranes application allows us the flexibility to have different trim widths, high density and high speed, and we needed all three of these things.”

Konecranes will also provide the runway rail, power supply and installation for the nine cranes. Commissioning, load testing and operator training round out the project's scope, which is expected to be fully operational in the spring of 2021.

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SOURCE: Konecranes