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Nippon Paper Industries to Invest EUR 5 Million in Commercial Production of New Barrier Coating for Paper-Based Products


Oct. 3, 2019 - Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. announced that it is making an EUR 5 million capital investment for the commercial production of SHIELDPLUS®, a new barrier coating technology for paper-based products.

SHIELDPLUS is being developed by a company owned by Nippon Paper Industries, Jujo Thermal Oy in Finland.

The investment includes machinery upgrades and quality control systems needed to move from the product development and market evaluation phase to full-scale production.

According to Jujo, SHIELDPLUS is a paper product with excellent oxygen and water vapour barrier properties with applications in flexible and sustainable food packaging. The new product consists of wood-based fibres coated with a water-based barrier coating, and it is completely recyclable and biodegradable.

SHIELDPLUS provides an alternative to flexible food packages where presently barrier films made of plastic or aluminum are used, Jujo added.

Nippon Paper Industries expects full-scale production to begin in June of 2020.

About Jujo Thermal

Located in Kauttua, Finland, Jujo Thermal is one of the world's leading suppliers of durable direct thermal papers for labels, tickets & tags and point-of-sales use. The company, which is owned by Nippon Paper Industries, was established in 1992 and employs 200 people. To learn more, visit:

Nippon Paper Industries produces coated and uncoated paper, including specialty grades, and paperboard. To learn more about Nippon Paper Industries, please visit:

SOURCE: Nippon Paper Industries and Jujo Thermal