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Kadant Black Clawson Achieve Sales Milestone with 10,000 FibreWall Screen Cylinders Sold

Kadant screen cylinder

August 8, 2019 - Kadant Black Clawson LLC, a subsidiary of Kadant Inc., announced the fabrication and sale of the 10,000th FibreWall screen cylinder.

The patented FibreWall screen cylinder is designed for the high-efficiency removal of debris and contaminants from pulp. It effectively removes stickies — including micro-stickies — that consist of various adhesives, resins, waxes, inks, and other viscous additives found in the paper making and recycling processes from the pulp furnish.

“It all started with a fleeting inspiration,” said Daniel Parenteau, director of product engineering at Kadant Black Clawson. “We noticed a small bird gracefully diving after insects in the garden. Its stable tail shape inspired our design, and after a lot of testing, the FibreWall screen cylinder was born.”

The proprietary design eliminates welding and other damaging fabrication processes, such as rolling, that can permanently deform and weaken the cylinder shape. By eliminating distortion, uniform cylinder spacing can be assured and precise slot tolerances maintained. What's more, the stress-free construction offers dimensional stability, repeatable performance, and long service life.

“Bottom line, the FibreWall screen cylinder has been a big success for our customers and for us,” commented John Eklund, vice president of sales at Kadant Black Clawson. “Our customers rely on performance and consistency. The FibreWall has delivered top performance time and time again, across the globe, year after year, under the most adverse conditions. The fact that we've done this ten thousand times now is really saying something. We are extremely proud.”

Kadant Black Clawson LLC is a leading fiber processing and recycling equipment supplier that designs, manufactures, and services equipment used in virgin and recycled paper stock preparation and paper machine approach-flow applications. To learn more, please visit

SOURCE: Kadant Inc.