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UPM Raflatac Expands RafCycle Label Liner Recycling Solution to North America

UPM Raflatac - RafCycle UPM Raflatac collects paper and PET release liner waste from its partners and recycles through a variety of RafCycle solutions.

Dec 5, 2018 - UPM Raflatac announced that its RafCycle® recycling program — the collection of paper and PET release liner waste — has expanded to the United States and Canada. Converter and printer Fort Dearborn Company as well as several brand owners are participating in the launch.

The North American launch of the program includes RafCycle partners across the value chain, from UPM Raflatac to printers/converters, brands and recyclers.

"Our RafCycle program proudly boasts more than 120 partners worldwide, and we are honored to bring this solution to sustainability-minded brands in North America who are looking to join us in labeling a smarter future by reducing their label waste," says Juha Virmavirta, Director, RafCycle Solutions, UPM Raflatac. "We invite any brands looking to achieve their sustainable packaging and zero waste targets to contact us to learn more about how our RafCycle solution can benefit them."

UPM Raflatac also announces that it has partnered with Sustana and Kal-Polymers to recycle the paper and PET label liner waste from its RafCycle partners.

"Sustana is pleased to support the innovative RafCycle program and to be part of the circular economy, by renewing fiber that is often landfilled, and turning it into new paper and tissue products," says Jay Hunsberger, Vice President, Pulp Sales and Marketing, Sustana.

For more information about UPM Raflatac's RafCycle concept and to contact UPM about becoming a RafCycle partner, visit

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