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With Brand Repositioning, GL&V Officially Becomes GLV

New image marks next phase for pulp & paper equipment manufacturer


Nov. 26, 2018 - Global solutions provider for the pulp and paper industry, GLV, has announced the rebranding of its formal company name and logo. Formerly known as GL&V, the new brand reflects GLV's venerable history while aligning the company for long-term success in pulp and paper production.

“GLV equipment, parts and service bring together the people and brands that mills have trusted for decades, with the latest innovations that impact pulp and paper today,” explains Drew Humphries, President of GLV.

“With projects and customers all over the world, we are committed to growing as 'one GLV' so that we can fulfill our mission to deliver long-term, sustainable solutions that create peace of mind forever. That is the promise we make to our customers.”

That brand promise was the driving force behind GLV's new image, as well as its slogan: “Our Team. Your Performance.”

The GLV story is rooted in innovation, expansion and continuous improvement. Founded in Quebec, Canada in 1975, GL&V (Groupe Laperriere & Verreault) grew through strategic partnerships, acquisitions and new developments in equipment manufacturing. Over the next forty years, the firm built up an installed base in over thirty countries, with technical centers now located in the United States, Canada, Sweden, India and Brazil.

Today, GLV is pioneering technology that redefines efficiency in pulp and paper making with inventive products such as the Coru-Lok washer deck attachment system, MagTrim™ slitter positioning system and the DF-6000 Deflaker.

GLV's new look represents a renewed, unified and global approach to delivering a top-of-the-line experience for the current and future generations of pulp and paper customers. The phased roll out of the reimagined GLV brand will be completed by December 31, 2018.

GLV is a global provider of technology, equipment, parts and maintenance for pulp and paper production. Driven by its promise to create new opportunities for energy and cost savings for its customers, GLV is continuously innovating and delivering new solutions for pulp and paper machinery and manufacturing. With offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Sweden, India and Brazil, GLV is the true OEM for: Albia®, Beloit-Jones, Beloit-Lenox, Black Clawson-Kennedy, Cameron®, Celleco®, Hedemora®, Impco®, Sandy HillTM and Tampulping. For more information visit