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Lessebo Paper Increases Production in Sweden

Lessebo Paper

Oct. 16, 2018 - Swedish paper producer Lessebo Paper announced that it is ramping up the production from 100 tonnes per day to 150 tonnes per day as a result of a full order book and positive market outlook.

The company explained that production has been good during the past year, and it has recruited new operators and finished several improvements related to production, all of which has allowed the mill to increase its production capacity.

Lessebo Paper noted that boosting production is a large investment in both time and money and that the mill is looking positively at the future.

“We have worked hard to make several improvements on our paper machines, as well as training 15 of our new operators to be able to move to full shifts,” said Eric Sigurdsson, CEO of Lessebo Paper. “The mill now operates all machines 24/7.”

With a stronger management and three paper machines in full use, the Lessebo mill's capacity has increased by 16,000 tonnes per year to meet the needs of premium paper customers.

“We can give our customers an unparalleled service now and we have a confident outlook on the future,” Sigurdsson said.

Lessebo Paper manufactures premium uncoated graphics papers used in digital printing, luxury packaging and envelopes. To learn more, please visit:

SOURCE: Lessebo Paper AB