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SCA Begins Production at Expanded Östrand Pulp Mill in Sweden

Östrand pulp mill SCA's Östrand pulp mill will gradually ramp up production of NBSK (northern bleached softwood kraft) pulp from its previous production capacity of 430,000 tpy to about 900,000 tpy by 2020.

June 25, 2018 - SCA announced that production at the expanded Östrand pulp mill began according to plan during the midsummer holiday (i.e. this weekend). SCA is investing SEK 7.8 billion in the operation and the project is on budget and schedule.

SCA decided in 2015 to invest in an increased production capacity at the Östrand pulp mill — from 430,000 tonnes per year to about 900,000 tonnes per year of bleached softwood kraft pulp (NBSK). Following an extended maintenance stop, which began in April of this year, the expanded pulp mill is now in operation.

Production capacity in the expanded pulp mill is expected to increase successively during 2018 and 2019. SCA expects the mill to reach its full production capacity of 900,000 tonnes per year in 2020.

“Just over 1,000 days after starting the project on August 28, 2015, after a great effort from all involved to deliver the project according to the plan, the new plant is in operation,” said Project Director Ingela Ekebro. “Our focus now is on calibrating the plant to quickly achieve full production and high product quality.”

Ulf Larsson, President and CEO, commented, “We are in the process of completing one of the largest and most important industrial investments in Sweden. Östrand will be one of the most competitive and environmentally sound mills for northern bleached softwood kraft pulp in the world. The investment will help us to meet growing demand in a strong pulp market.”

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