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ANDRITZ to Supply Bio-Methanol Plant for Södra's Mönsterås Pulp Mill in Sweden

Andritz bio-methanol plant Rendering of the ANDRITZ bio-methanol plant to be supplied for Södra’s pulp mill in Mönsterås, Sweden.

May 21, 2018 - ANDRITZ has received an order from Södra (Sweden) to supply a bio-methanol cleaning and purification plant for Södra's pulp mill in Mönsterås. The new plant is designed to produce 5,000 tons of bio-methanol per year.

The value of the order was not disclosed.

ANDRITZ said the bio-methanol plant is a key part of a new process producing sustainable bio-methanol from renewable raw material. Bio-methanol can be used in shipping, for example, as a stand-alone fuel, as well as for the production of biodiesel (RME), as an additive in petrol, or as a raw material in the chemical industry. The methanol produced is compliant with the IMPCA Reference Specifications for merchantable methanol.

According to ANDRITZ, the global methanol production is in the order of 80 million tons per year and is generated mostly from fossil raw materials. In the chemical wood pulping process, methanol is formed as a by-product that contains many impurities. This raw methanol is purified to a merchantable bio-methanol, which is chemically identical to fossil-based methanol. The bio-methanol generated contributes towards reducing the amount of fossil greenhouse gas emissions.

Start-up of the plant is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.

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SOURCE: Andritz