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US Consumers Overwhelmingly Say They Should Have the Right to Choose 'Paper' or 'Paperless'

April 19, 2018 - In June 2017, a survey of 2,131 US consumers was commissioned by Two Sides and carried out by leading research company Toluna. The survey provides unique insight into how print and paper is viewed, preferred and trusted by consumers in today's digital world.

Two Sides North America Source: Two Sides North America

90%  Believe consumers should have the right to choose how they receive communications (printed or electronic) from financial organizations and service providers and 83% believe they should not be charged more for choosing a paper bill or statement.

73%  Agree that government, banks and other organizations want to persuade them to 'go paperless', but it's not 'paperless' because they regularly have to print out documents at home if they want a hard copy. In fact, 68% find it easier to track their expenses and manage their finances when they are printed on paper.

72%  Agree that claims about the switch to digital being better for the environment are made because the sender wants to save money.

57%  Believe that if a financial organization or service provider forced them to go paperless, they would consider switching to an alternative financial organization or service provider.

More survey results along with accompanying information is available in Two Sides North America February 2018 newsletter, The Page (2.1 mb, pdf), or contact Two Sides to request your print copy.

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SOURCE: Two Sides North America