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Orient Paper Temporarily Suspends Paper Production Due to Government Restriction on Natural Gas Use

Orient Paper

Jan. 29, 2018 – North China based Orient Paper on Jan. 26 announced that it will temporarily suspend all of its production lines due to mandated restriction/suspension of natural gas supply for commercial and industrial users of natural gas, including the paper manufacturing industry

The restriction is in accordance with Hebei's Development & Reform Commission's “orange alert”, the second-highest level in its four-tier scale, which urged city authorities to force commercial and industrial users to cut gas consumption in order to secure adequate natural gas to households in urban and rural areas in Hebei Province.

Orient Paper said that it expects the restriction will be eased at some point in February. Until then, the company is going to implement equipment maintenance, which, in turn, will impact its production of corrugating medium, offset printing paper and tissue paper operations.

Based in Baoding in North China's Hebei Province, Orient Paper uses recycled paper as its primary raw material to produce corrugating medium, offset printing paper and other paper products, including digital photo paper and tissue paper. To learn more please visit:

SOURCE: Orient Paper, Inc.