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Buckman Acquires CiDRA Chemical Management Inc.

CiDRA SONARtrac flow meters As part of the transaction, Buckman will have a global, exclusive, and perpetual license to a family of CCMI's intellectual property, including patents for measuring entrained air in the paper, pulp, biorefining, bioprocessing and ethanol industries.

October 3, 2017 (Press Release) - Buckman is pleased to announce the acquisition of CiDRA Chemical Management Inc. (CCMI). On September 30, Buckman took ownership of CCMI's outstanding stock, a wholly owned subsidiary of Connecticut-based technology innovation leader CiDRA Holdings Inc. For the last 20 years, CiDRA has made a name for itself in the manufacturing and processing arena by creating new tech-and-data driven measurement and management solutions for commercial markets, such as mining, oil and gas and genetic laboratories.

As part of the transaction, Buckman will have a global, exclusive, and perpetual license to a family of CCMI's intellectual property, including patents for measuring entrained air in the paper, pulp, biorefining, bioprocessing and ethanol industries. This technology is non-intrusive, provides real-time continuous data and requires no downtime to install. But most importantly, the data it provides enables manufacturers to reduce the amount of variability in certain aspects of their manufacturing process.

For pulp mills, this non-intrusive technology provides a continuous stream of information in real time, allowing defoamer to be adjusted to maintain maximum washing efficiency across the brown stock washing system. This allows pulp mills to optimize their process to maximize production rate, reduce water flow to recovery and improve pulp cleanliness. Paper mills can realize efficiencies by reducing variability in the wet end, reducing machine breaks and improving sizing. Combining Buckman's defoaming technology with this industry-leading technology will allow both pulp and paper mills to reduce variability in the process to achieve improved performance.

Buckman owns exclusive rights to this technology in the paper industry, which means Buckman customers could soon have a competitive advantage in the market.

“Buckman strives to be a leader not just in bringing products and knowledge to our customers around the globe, but in partnering with our customers to proactively improve their operations,” says Jim Doan, President and COO of Buckman North America. “With the addition of CCMI's entrained air technology, we are able to provide a smart solution that results in more accurate data and better process control for our customers.”

In addition to the exclusive rights to offer the products to the paper, pulp, biorefining, bioprocessing and ethanol industries, Buckman will also be able to offer these solutions non-exclusively to the oil and gas, automotive, metalworking and paints and coatings industries. The current CCMI employees will also become part of the Buckman family and integrated into its existing workforce. Sales of the entrained air technology will begin with customers in North America, with global sales to follow.

“The acquisition of CCMI is very much in line with the vision for the future of Buckman,” says Junai Maharaj, CEO and President of Bulab Holdings Inc., which wholly owns Buckman. “We are a privately-owned company with a global footprint, and our size affords us the agility and ability to quickly adopt innovative, smart solutions for our customers. But the real value comes from being able to leverage smart technology with our proven chemical applications, advanced monitoring systems and dedicated, experienced people to deliver a solution specific to the customer that improves their operations, productivity and performance.”

It's a sentiment echoed by CiDRA as well.

“Buckman is an organization that can rapidly expand the global reach of the innovative CiDRA solution via its worldwide footprint,” says Kevin Didden, President and CEO of CiDRA. “We are very excited to support Buckman in this new endeavor and look forward to a long term partnership. Buckman has the values, capabilities and leadership that CiDRA felt were critical to take the CiDRA solution to a global level.”

About Buckman
Buckman is a privately held, global specialty chemical company with headquarters in Memphis, Tenn., USA. Buckman works proactively and collaboratively with worldwide customers in pulp and paper, leather and industrial water treatment and process chemistry to deliver exceptional service and innovative specialty chemical solutions. Buckman's goal is to help customers boost productivity, reduce risk, improve product quality and provide a measurable return on investment. Buckman is committed to safeguarding the environment, maintaining safety in the workplace and promoting sustainable development, for its associates, its customers and the communities it serves in more than 90 countries around the world. To learn more, please visit:

About CiDRA
Headquartered in Wallingford, Connecticut, USA, with an increasing international presence, CiDRA is a trusted partner and leading supplier of highly differentiated process optimization and enhanced recovery solutions and services to many of the world's largest industrial markets, including minerals processing, mineable oilsands, dredging, concrete and power generation. CiDRA's products and services, successfully maintaining over 5,000 installations in over 45 countries, enhancing process control and material recovery, while maintaining safety in all workplaces.

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