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August Koehler to Install New Paper Machine at Kehl Mill in Germany

Koehler Kehl Koehler plans to invest about EUR 300 million for the installation of a specialty paper machine with a Yankee cylinder at the company's paper mill in Kehl, Germany.

August 2, 2017 – German specialty paper producer Papierfabrik August Koehler said that it intends to invest approximately half a billion Euro by the year 2020 to grow the company, and a primary investment of EUR 300 million is earmarked for the installation of a specialty paper machine with a Yankee cylinder at the company's Kehl paper mill in Germany.

In conjunction with the new machine, “The off-machine coater will be equipped with multiple cutting-edge coating application technologies in order to help shape attractive market segments in the sector of flexible packaging. The total capacity will be well over 100,000 tons a year,” the company said.

Koehler added that it will be creating more than 100 new jobs over the next two years at the Kehl production facility.

According to Koehler CEO Kai Furler, installation of the new machine represents a clear commitment to paper and board, as well as the largest individual investment in the company's 210-year history.

“We're able to do this thanks to our position of strength and exceptional business developments in the past,” Furler explained.

The company is one of the global market leaders in thermal paper as well as a leader in special applications, such as playing cards and beer coasters. “Our portfolio is profitable, diverse, and focused on further growth,” Furler said, noting that the investments are focused on sustainable and high-volume growth, such as the future market of flexible packaging.

In a press release, the company stated, “Koehler will place its focus on flexible paper-based packaging solutions, offering alternatives to brand manufacturers, converters, and printers with its future FlexPack range. This will also help to significantly reduce the use of unsustainable materials that are harmful to the environment.”

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SOURCE: Koehler Paper Group