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Visy Board New Zealand to Build $100 Million Corrugated Packaging Plant

Visy corrugated board

June 12, 2017 - Visy recently announced that Visy Board New Zealand will build a second corrugated packaging plant to be established in the Waipa District, south of Hamilton in the Waikato Province, New Zealand.

Visy Board New Zealand will expand its capacity with a $100 million investment on an 8.5 hectare site at Hamilton Airport, with construction having commenced in April 2017.

“A growing focus on export supply chains associated with food processing, fruit and produce, meat and dairy products has provided the impetus to Visy Board New Zealand's expansion in the New Zealand market,” said Andrew Gleason, General Manager of Visy Board New Zealand. “This advanced, new plant is designed with our customer base in mind and enables us to be local and focused, providing the best quality and cost effective corrugated packaging for our customers.”

Waipa Mayor Jim Mylchreest welcomed Visy Board to the district. “The Visy development will fit in perfectly with the existing technology hub at the Airport and joins a variety of other international organizations that are making the most of this location.”

Visy Board New Zealand noted that it operates a corrugating facility in Wiri, Auckland, which is running at full capacity, and the new packaging plant in the Waipa District is needed to fulfill the demand created by New Zealand's growing economy.