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North American Producers of Coated Paper Announce Price Hikes

Verso Sterling Premium

June 2, 2017 – A number of coated paper producers in North America have announced price hikes for many of their products.

Verso is increasing the transaction price of all Coated Freesheet Sheets and Web, Coated Groundwood and Supercalendered grades, effective with all new and existing orders with confirmed delivery dates of July 1, 2017 or later, including but not limited to:

  • Coated Freesheet Sheets: $2.00/cwt USD/$2.70/cwt CAD: Sterling® Premium sheets/sheeter rolls; Productolith® Pts. sheets/sheeter rolls; Anthem Plus® sheets/sheeter rolls.
  • Coated Freesheet Web: $2.00/cwt USD/$2.70/cwt CAD: ArborWeb Plus® web; Sterling® Ultra web; Sterling® Ultra caliper web; Publishers Matte®; Publishers Thinbulk®; ArborWeb® web; Influence® web; Focus® web.
  • Coated Groundwood Web: $2.00/cwt USD/$2.70/cwt CAD: Liberty® web; Balance® web; New Era® Matte; New Era® ThinBulk. Supercalendered Web – $2.00/cwt USD/$2.70/cwt CAD: Voyager® web; Superior Gloss® web.

The increase applies to all basis weights, bulks, finishes and related private label grades.

Catalyst Paper will also be implementing a price increase, effective for all new and existing orders with confirmed deliveries July 1, 2017 and later, for the following paper products:

  • Coated Freesheet Grades: $2.00 / cwt ($ 40 / ST): Orion®; Vision®.
  • Coated Groundwood Grades: $2.00 / cwt ($ 40 / ST): Escanaba®; Dependoweb®; Capri®; Consoweb®.
  • SC Grades: $2.00 / cwt ($ 40 / ST): Electracal®; Electraprime®

This increase applies to all basis weights, finishes, grade extensions and related private label products.

West Linn Paper Company, Port Hawkesbury Paper, and PHP Sales Services are announcing a $2.00/cwt ($2.70 CAD) transaction price increase on all grades for orders shipping on or after July 1, 2017, regardless of order date. This pricing change includes all of the following grades:

  • Coated Grades: Sonoma®; Capistrano®; Nature Web®; Nature Plus®; Capistrano® C1S; Sonoma® C1S; Sonoma® Jet.
  • SC Grades: Artisan® Plus; Artisan®; Prominence® Plus; Prominence®; Maritime®.

This price increase applies to all basis weights and finishes plus all related private label grades and associated brand extensions.

SOURCE: Midland Paper