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International Paper Donates $1.25 Million to Mid-South Food Bank in Memphis

International Paper donates $1.25 million to Mid-South Food Bank International Paper's Chairman and CEO Mark Sutton presented a $1.25 million dollar check to Mid-South Food Bank on November 16 as part of the company's philanthropy strategy.

Nov. 18, 2016 - International Paper is fighting hunger by partnering with Mid-South Food Bank to address the many hunger needs in the greater Memphis area. IP's Chairman and CEO Mark Sutton, presented a $1.25 million dollar check to Mid-South Food Bank on November 16 as part of the company's philanthropy strategy.

The spouses of International Paper employees also presented a check for $82,000 that will be used to provide 250,000 meals for families in need.

Thanks to the $1.25 million dollar donation, the food bank now plans on opening a facility big enough to handle the growing operation.

"We just don't have what we need to be able to get [all the food] processed," said Estella Mayhue-Greer, president for the Mid-South Food Bank, at a news conference during the presentation. "Now we won't lose as much product. It's going to help us have the adequate refrigeration and storage space that we need.

"International Paper has the products, the resources and the desire to assist us and we cannot thank them enough," Mayhue-Greer added.

Fighting hunger is a signature cause for the Memphis-based company and this gift will allow Mid-South Food Bank to consolidate three separate warehouses into one, creating efficiencies and significant cost savings. Along with the $1.25 million dollars, the company will also donate 250,000 custom corrugated boxes, each capable of carrying 32 pounds of food, or 27 meals. These boxes will assist the Food Bank in delivering 15 million pounds of food annually across 31 counties in the Mid-South.

On top of the financial and product donations, IP will also provide safety and equipment experts on-site. These operations experts will help drive greater warehouse efficiencies and ultimately lead to feeding more local citizens in need.

"We have selected fighting hunger as one of our signature charitable causes and our work with Mid-South Food Bank will have a profound impact in the greater Memphis area," said Mark Sutton, International Paper Chairman and CEO. "We are also announcing an emerging partnership with Feeding America. This tremendous organization partners with 200 food banks (like the MSFB) and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs across the country providing families and individuals with nutritious food, hope and dignity.

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