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Brazil's Export Volumes of Pulp, Paper and Wood Panels Climbed in September 2016

Brazil pulp export Brazil's exported volumes for pulp and paper, September 2016 YTD, were higher compared with the same period in 2015, with pulp exports totaling 9.6 million tons (+13.5%), and paper reaching the mark of 1.6 million tons (+4.7%).

Nov. 3, 2016 - The balance of trade surplus of the Brazilian planted tree industry totaled US$4.9 billion from January to September 2016, recording a high of 5.4% year-over-year (US$4.6 billion), according to Ibá (Brazilian Tree Industry).

Exports. September 2016 YTD, exports values have remained stable compared year-over-year (US$ 5.7 billion); pulp contributed positively with US$ 4.1 billion (+1.3%), wood panels with US$ 177 million (+24.6%) and paper with US$ 1.4 million (-6.4%).

Exported volumes. September 2016 YTD were higher compared with the same period in 2015, pulp exports totaled 9.6 million tons (+13.5%), paper achieved the mark of 1.6 million tons (+4.7%), and wood panels achieved 734 million cubic meter (+66.8%).

Exports Destination. Having reached the top of the list for the pulp segment this year, China continues to lead, achieving 37.5% of market share (US$1.5 billion), followed by European countries with 33.0% (US$1.4 billion). Latin-American countries are the leading destinations for paper and wood panel exports, with market shares respectively at 58.0% (US$831 million) and 53.6% (US$95 million).

Production. Brazilian pulp production achieved 13.8 million tons September 2016 YTD, a 7.5% increase year-over-year. Paper production remained practically stable with a slight drop of 0.4%, totaling 7.7 million tons in nine months.

Domestic Sales Paper sales in the domestic market remained stable at 4.0 million tons. In the wood panels segment, domestic market sales reached 4.7 million m3, 4.9% lower year-over-year.

The Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) is the association responsible for institutionally representing the planted tree production chain, from the field to the industry, before its main audience of interest. To learn more about Ibá, please visit:

SOURCE: Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá)