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ViewPoint - The Future of Dairy Packaging

ViewPoint - The Future of Dairy Packaging

June 14, 2016 (Stora Enso) - The continuing urbanisation and changing lifestyles keep pushing demand for innovative dairy products to new heights. Meanwhile, drinkable milk consumption is declining in mature markets. The long-lasting health- and convenience trends motivate consumers to pay more for value-added products that they can buy when and where they want. This calls for innovation within the whole supply chain as well as in product development, packaging, branding and sales channels.

From 2015 to 2020, dairy products will grow faster in value than volume. Projected dairy market growth from 2015 (actual) to 2020 (forecast). 1)

Three Global Drivers of Dairy Innovation

Driver # 1: Health & Wellness
Variety complicates, packaging simplifies
Brand owners and retailers respond to the increased demand for health-promoting products by innovating a great variety of premium and specialty SKUs. This makes it challenging for shoppers to navigate the dairy shelves. Thus, packaging becomes even more important as a vehicle for differentiation, communication of product content and branding.

Protein boom: The LCHF trend is fading, but athletes, vegetarians and anyone looking for an efficient protein source is turning to qwark and fromage frais (e.g. Skyr from Iceland).

Free-fromification: Lactose-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and non-dairy alternatives, such as soy milk and oat milk, gain popularity as springboards to better digestion and well-being.

Fortification: Probiotic and prebiotic fortified products simplify a healthy lifestyle, often in the form of small “shots”.

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The Viewpoint on the future of dairy packaging is the sixth edition in a series of Viewpoints from Stora Enso.

SOURCE: Stora Enso