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OASIS Alignment Services Standardizes Metrology Fleet with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence 6DoF Technology

Leica AT960 laser tracker After one year of field testing two Leica AT960 laser trackers in every customer case scenario, OASIS experienced 100% uptime with the portable measurement technology.

May 23, 2016 - Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence announced today OASIS Alignment Services, LLC (Rochester, New Hampshire) has standardized its large metrology fleet on Leica Absolute AT960 laser trackers and Leica T-Probes.

OASIS is a leading provider of 3D metrology, optical alignment, and mechanical services with eight regional service centers throughout North America. The company serves a broad spectrum of industries: pulp and paper, plastics and film, coating and laminating, nonwovens and textiles, power generation, aerospace, automotive and more.

After one year of field testing two Leica AT960s in every customer case scenario, the company experienced 100% uptime with the portable measurement technology. OASIS has now retooled its entire field enterprise, moving from traditional laser trackers to the next-generation 6DOF technology of the Leica AT960 paired with the Leica T-Probe.

OASIS engineers and field service technicians are proficient users of precision optical tooling and 3D measurement technologies including laser trackers and laser scanners. Uptime of portable metrology equipment is vital to efficiently solving problems in the field and minimizing costly customer downtime. OASIS no longer requires back-up spares in their metrology fleet based on the dependability of the Leica AT960 trackers.

The Leica 6DOF technology has also provided increased accuracy for large-volume measurement tasks with much faster setup times. The wireless, handheld Leica T-Probe can access hard-to-reach points and gather data at a high point acquisition rate without multiple setups. A landmark advancement in the laser tracker field, Leica PowerLock technology automatically locks onto any moving target without user intervention. OASIS operators can move freely and focus solely on measuring, even in crowded job sites, without the worry of reestablishing a line-of-sight with the laser beam. The overall improved speed of measurement and "one person" operation of the Leica T-Probe 6DOF solution has positively impacted OASIS field completion rates.

“Reliable, failure free equipment performance is critical to our customers' success, as well as our own success in providing solutions to our customers. It also provides peace of mind, as our field service technicians constantly face challenging jobs in formidable environments," states Brian Hiltunen, OASIS President.

"Our partnership with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has given us access to the latest laser tracker technology with high precision measurement capabilities and superior dependability in the field. This transition has enabled us to maintain 100% uptime with 13% fewer trackers in our fleet. OASIS service personnel can sleep at night knowing their metrology tools will work the next morning, so they can accomplish each job with confidence.”

OASIS is the largest and most experienced service provider in the business of industrial precision alignment, machine maintenance, and machine installation. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence