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Xerium Announces New Rolls & Services Plant in Concepción, Chile

Xerium - Smart Technology From a new facility in Concepción, Chile, Xerium will provide its full suite of patented, performance-enhancing roll solutions to customers in the surrounding region.

April 27, 2016 - Xerium Technologies announced plans to establish a new roll cover and mechanical services facility located in Concepción, Chile. The company is continuing to reposition assets from low-growth to high-growth markets.

According to Xerium, this new project is very capital efficient in that Xerium already owns the majority of the equipment that will be installed in the new Concepción plant. The remaining spend will cross 2 calendar years and is already included in the capex guidance previously given by Xerium.

Xerium's facility will be the first major rolls and service facility established in Concepción, Chile, by any of the industry's major global suppliers. From this location, Xerium will be able to provide regional customers with dramatically quicker and more cost effective service. Importantly, these products and services will be delivered through a local workforce familiar and respectful of local customs.

From this strategic geographic location, Xerium will provide its full suite of patented, performance-enhancing roll solutions to customers in the surrounding region. Xerium will perform roll grinding, roll recovering and mechanical services on site. Xerium is also increasing its field sales and service staff for the region for machine clothing, roll services, mechanical services and machine automation through its SMART® roll sensor solutions.

The facility will contain state-of-the-art rolls and service machines. Xerium will transfer all of its best practices and all of its global patented technology solutions to the region. The plant will also have state-of-the-art information systems and supply chain interfaces.

Harold Bevis, President and CEO of Xerium Technologies, Inc., said, “For the first time ever, customers in the immediate Chilean region will receive locally provided & locally optimized state-of-the-art rubber extrusion technology. The Chile plant will be able to service large rolls from any industry or application.”

The new facility will serve customers in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

The new operation will be under the regional direction of Mr. Eduardo Fracasso, President of Latin America. The Concepción, Chile greenfield implementation will be led by Luis Vitti; Project Manager, who has been with Xerium for 32+ years and brings significant leadership and customer focused expertise to this role.

The facility is expected to be fully in production Q2 2017.

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SOURCE: Xerium Technologies, Inc.