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VPK Packaging Expands Corrugated Board Facility in Romania

VPK Packaging in Romania VPK's corruagted board plant was recently expanded to nearly twice the size of the original cores production space and will provide room for the production of tubes.

March 28, 2016 (Press Release) - In 2008, VPK launched a greenfield project in the Romanian town of Salonta, situated near the Hungarian border, to produce corrugated cardboard as well as tubes. This production site was recently expanded by 4,600 m2.

From now on, the new section, which constitutes an area almost twice the size of the original cores production space, will provide room for the production of tubes. It will provide additional production potential, which in due course will lead to a growth in the workforce to 35 Corex employees and a production capacity of 9,000 tons.

European growth for VPK

The 2,300 m2 made available will give corrugated cardboard production the opportunity to integrate an additional two-colour Bobst 1600, and to install an extra production line in the future.

In addition, the sheet liner will be extended and automated. This means that VPK will be in a position to improve supplies to the packaging market as well as sheet customers. More improvements are in store half way through the year, when an automatic transport system is to be installed between the processing line and the automatic palletisation and strapping lines.

The expansion in corrugated cardboard is part and parcel of the expansion of VPK's European Blue Box Partners alliance.

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SOURCE: VPK Packaging Group