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Valmet's New Calendering Technology Introduced at Stora Enso's Ingerois Board Mill

Valmet aqua cooling calendering Valmet's aqua cooling calendering is a new patent-pending technology designed to enable production of a more lightweight end-product without compromising functional and visual properties.

Feb. 1, 2016 - Valmet announced that its new aqua cooling calendering technology has been taken into use for the first time at Stora Enso's Ingerois Board Mill in Finland.

Valmet said that Stora Enso decided to modernize the precalender of Ingerois mill's board machine, BM 4, to improve product quality and reduce basis without compromising the properties of the board. BM 4 produces folding boxboard. <[p>The now introduced aqua cooling technology focuses especially on improving the material and energy efficiency in paper and board making process, Valmet noted.

"The new aqua cooling technology enables developing and optimizing the machine's operating method to achieve bulk saving potential. This brings significant energy and raw material savings throughout the value chain of the product," said Taisto Nevalainen, Mill Director of Stora Enso's Ingerois Board Mill.

According to Valmet, the idea of aqua cooling is that the paper web is cooled down by evaporating moisture from the web. The effect can be enhanced by adding a small amount of water on the web surface before cooling. The cooler the web is before it reaches the calender, the more quality improvement and raw material savings can be obtained.

Ingerois Mill has an annual capacity of 280,000 tonnes and produces high-quality folding boxboard for consumer packaging needs such as food, confectionery and pharmaceutical products.

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SOURCE: Valmet