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Mohawk Continues Adding Workers to Envelope-Folding Plant in South Hadley

Mohawk envelope plant, South hadley, Mass. DAN LITTLE
Jim Kelley, right, and Natalia Goleneva operate the F.L. Smithe RA 800 envelope machine at the Mohawk Northeast Envelope Converting Center in South Hadley. Photo courtesy Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Feb. 1, 2016 (Daily Hampshire Gazette) - Two or three tractor-trailer trucks loaded with rolls and large sheets of paper pull up to the loading dock at one end of the Mohawk Fine Papers envelope-folding plant at 28 Gaylord St. each week. At a dock at the other end of the building, about 7.5 million envelopes a week are leaving the plant in the Falls section of town.

Robert Scammell, the senior vice president for strategy and business operations for the company based in Cohoes, New York, said he expects that number to grow in the next months and years.

Mohawk, which expanded its operations to South Hadley last year, has another envelope-folding plant in Ohio with more than double the capacity of this one.

The demand for envelopes looks bright, according to Scammell. “The markets are returning,” he said. Analysts are seeing some movement away from email and other electronic communications and back to actual physical mail that ends up in a targeted customer's hands.

“To some degree this whole advertising space has come full circle,” said Scammell. “The studies out there show a higher response rate, a higher return rate, and higher impact with a promotional piece of mail that people read that way as opposed to on a smartphone or computer screen.”

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SOURCE: Daily Hampshire Gazette