Skanska to Renovate and Expand SCA's Ístrand Pulp Mill for SEK 360 Million

Currently, the Ostrand pulp mill produces 425,000 tons totally chlorine free (TCF) bleached kraft pulp and 95,000 tons chemical thermo-mechanical pulp.

Jan. 4, 2016 - Skanska Sweden in late-December announced that it signed an agreement with SCA to conduct a comprehensive renovation and expansion of the Ístrand pulp mill in Timra, Sweden.

The agreement is worth SEK 360 million.

According to Skanska, the project involves a new drying machine, operations center, and media paths, along with renovations in the areas of causticizing, recovery boiler and turbine, and various earthworks.

The project is part of SCA's plan to double the plant's capacity, Skanska said.

Construction is scheduled for the first quarter of 2016 and the project is expected to be completed in May 2018.

Currently, the Ístrand pulp mill produces 425,000 tons totally chlorine free (TCF) bleached kraft pulp. About half of the plant's production is used for SCA's own manufacturing of publication papers and hygiene products and the remaining volume is sold to external customers. The plant also produces 95,000 tons chemical thermo-mechanical pulp for hygiene, packaging and other products.

Skanska Sweden is one of Sweden's largest construction companies, with operations in building and civil construction. The company has approximately 11,000 employees and reported revenues in 2014 of approximately SEK 30 billion.

SOURCE: Skanska Sweden and SCA

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