Tranlin Breaks Ground in Virginia for $2 Billion Tissue Paper and Fertilizer Manufacturing Facility

When operational, Tranlin's facility will produce tissue products made from straw fiber exclusively from agricultural field waste, and also produce humus-based organic fertilizer using residues from the papermaking process.

Oct. 26, 2015 - Tranlin, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Shandong Tranlin Paper Co., Ltd. (a Chinese pulp and paper company), officially broke ground on October 22 for its first U.S. operation — a $2 billion manufacturing facility. Tranlin's investment is located in Chesterfield, Virginia and will generate more than 2,000 direct jobs in Virginia by 2020, the company said.

Tranlin's Chesterfield County facility will use the company's innovative, proprietary technology to produce tree-free, natural color, straw fiber paper tissue products made exclusively from agricultural field waste such as wheat straw and corn stalks. In addition, Tranlin will produce humus-based organic fertilizer products using residues from the papermaking process.

“We are even more confident now than we were a year ago that our project is being built on a solid foundation that will allow it to be successful in Chesterfield, Virginia,” said Hongfa Li, the Chairman and President of Shandong Tranlin Paper Company Limited. “After another year of extraordinary work by the entire Tranlin team and many supportive friends in Virginia, we know that all the key factors including environmental, legal, cultural, market, engineering and human resources are in place.”

Jerry Peng, the Chairman and CEO of Tranlin, Inc., said, “We are so excited to be embarking on this next phase of our work together in Virginia, and more importantly, we are so grateful of and encouraged by the supportive community in Chesterfield and Virginia. It is clear we chose wisely when we chose Virginia and Chesterfield.

“We will continue the close collaboration with all the stakeholders here. It is our goal to build a very sustainable partnership with the local community, the farming sector and our vendors.

“Over the past year we have built an excellent core team who have driven the project this far. We expect to accelerate our recruiting and project development,” Mr. Peng added.

Tranlin noted that it has already begun working with many farmers in the region to procure needed agricultural products for manufacturing operations.

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Tranlin, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Shandong Tranlin Paper Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese pulp and paper company that applies proprietary technologies to produce straw fiber, unbleached paper products and organic fertilizers. To learn more, please visit:

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