Archroma Extends Range of Food Compliant Colorants for Tissue Applications

Archroma has developed new food contact approved dyes in order to comply with European regulations which have recently come into force.

June 9, 2015 – Archroma said that it has extended its Cartasol® range by adding four new food contact approved dyes with no added Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA and also called TAN).

Following an active Archroma research program, new food compliant grades were developed in order to comply with European regulations which have recently come into force, setting extremely low limitations for DEA and TEA contents in paper and board intended for food contact applications.

According to Archroma, DEA and TEA have been used in the past to help maintain storage stability and prevent deposits forming over time. However, these amines are under scrutiny as they are potentially mutagenic. Potentially these dyes could be no longer considered suitable for food contact applications such as deep dyed napkins.

Archroma is introducing a new palette of safer grades that will help tissue papermakers create the colors they desire.

Archroma offers the following new grades in the range:

  • Cartasol Blue GDFC liq
  • Cartasol Yellow 2GFC liq
  • Cartasol Red 7BFC liq
  • Cartasol Blue 3RFC liq

Ian Jewell, Head of Global Product Management, Colorants, Paper Solutions Business, Archroma, said: “As a responsible and proactive leading supplier, we have applied our specialist know-how to reformulate these dyes aiming for the elimination of DEA and TEA to help our customers meet the current food contact regulations."

"With these first grades, we are already able to cover most color needs for food contact applications and we are developing additional ones to fully meet our every customer requirements,” he added.

Archroma is a global color and specialty chemicals company headquartered in Reinach near Basel, Switzerland. To learn more, please visit:

SOURCE: Archroma