Paper Excellence May Restart Chetwynd Pulp Mill as Early as July

Prior to its shutdown in Sept. 2012, the Chetwynd high-yield pulp mill had the capacity to produce 240,000 tonnes of hardwood BCTMP (bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp).

April 8, 2015 - Paper Excellence reportedly has plans to restart operations at its Chetwynd mechanical pulp mill in British Columbia, Canada as early as July.

The mill, which Paper Excellence bought from Tembec in March of 2014, has been idle since September 2012.

At the time the mill was shut down, Tembec noted that a soft market for high-yield pulp coupled with the mill's cost structure resulted in its closing.

Since buying the mill, Paper Excellence put forth plans to invest up to $50 million, including working capital and capital expenditure, toward its restart.

Paper Excellence owns seven pulp mills in Canada and in Europe, two pulp mills and a paper mill. The company employs about 2,300 people. To learn more, please visit:

SOURCE: Paper Excellence and industry news reports