Waggeryd Cell Increases Pulp Mill Capacity with New Flash Dryer

Waggeryd Cell's new air-to-air heat exchanger has helped increase the mill's production capacity.

Jan. 8, 2015 (Press Release) - The strategy for Waggeryd Cell (Vaggeryd, Sweden) is to continuously increase production up to 175,000 tonnes per year by gradual investments in order to remove bottle-necks. The recent investment in additional air to air heat exchangers in the flash dryer has increased the mill's production capacity by about ten percent.

Before the investment the flash dryer had one wet stage and two dryer stages for drying of the BCTMP (bleached chemithermomechanical pulp) before baling it. As one part of the total investment package of about SEK 50 million, the flash dryer has been equipped with additional air to air heat exchangers to pre-heat the air from the two dryer stages. The previous wet stage now acts as a dryer stage, making the flash dryer a three stage flash dryer. This has increased the capacity by about ten per cent.

"During week 40 we prolonged our usual 24 hour maintenance stop with one day and the installation of the air to air heat exchangers in the flash dryer was done during 48 hours," says Michael Nylander, Mill Manager at Waggeryd Cell. "Installation as well as the start-up have been very successful. In addition to the production increase, the propane consumption has been reduced, which is very positive."

Andritz is the supplier of the new air to air heat exchangers and was responsible for the rebuild.

Waggeryd Cell is a BCTMP (bleached chemithermomechanical pulp) producer owned by the ATA Group, a major Swedish producer of sawn timber. To learn more, please visit: waggerydcell.se

SOURCE: Waggeryd Cell