Stora Enso Implements Lightweighting Technology to Improve Coated Kraft Back Board

CKB is primarily used for multipacks and folding cartons for food and beverages.

Oct. 12, 2014 - Stora Enso announced that its CKB (Coated Kraft Back) board has been improved to enable lightweighting. CKB is primarily used for multipacks and folding cartons for food and beverages, where strength, durability and food safety are the most important requirements for the packaging material.

According to Stora Enso, the lightweighting technology can now be used throughout the entire CKB grammage range as a result of the company's investments in board machines at Skoghall Mill in Sweden.

The new CKB grammage range will be from 175 to 380 g/m2, which means that the highest grammages are reduced by 10 g/m2.

Stora Enso also noted that the number of trees it uses for the production of CKB is today 135,000 less than what was required in 2010 — that equals 600 less incoming lorries to the mill.

"CKB is the quality leader in the solid unbleached board category, and now its environmental efficiency will be higher than ever. This will make CKB very attractive and competitive in a wide range of end use applications where strength, stiffness, purity and runnability are the key properties," says Fredrik Werner, Stora Enso's Segment Development Manager for food, beer and beverage packaging.

CKB is a multilayer kraft back board. Besides its strength and good printability, the board's natural brown back increases packaging designers' possibilities to create distinctive designs from CKB. Stora Enso can also offer several special barrier coatings and laminates to improve the functionality of packaging.

"Yet one of the most important reasons to choose CKB is its proven food safety, which is based on pure virgin fibres, strictly controlled production and the elimination of all contamination risks, compliance with existing EU food contact material legislation and certified hygiene management systems on our production sites," Werner explained.

CKB is also known for its excellent runnability in converting and packaging processes. The board is also used in non-food packaging applications that require exceptional strength or special coatings.

"Lightweighting is a continuous development objective and we are already starting to look into the next steps, Werner said. "The global population will exceed eight billion in the next twenty years, and we will need 35% more food. Proper packaging plays a role in saving food from being wasted; at the same time, we must also develop the resource efficiency of producing packaging materials."

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SOURCE: Stora Enso