UPM Launches New Paper Grade for Coldset Web Offset Printing, UPM Brite 80

UPM Brite 80 features a D65 brightness of 80, good opacity and high print contrast.

Oct. 14, 2014 (Press Release) - UPM introduces its comprehensive range of machine finished speciality paper grades at the World Publishing Expo 2014. The paper range meets the future needs of publishers for end uses such as supplements, inserts, flyers, books and catalogues.

UPM Brite 80 is the latest newcomer in UPM’s product range for coldset web offset printing. The new quality with its good look, touch and feel is an attractive alternative for publishers.

“Print is a complementary medium within the increasingly diverse world of publishing. To add value requires getting the best from content, and to do this well requires a greater appreciation of paper and its intrinsic characteristics,” says UPM’s Ken Ehrnrooth, Head of Sales, Newspaper Publishing, UPM Paper ENA.

“Our mills have met this challenge and developed new products to support the ever increasing demands of supplement work for both publishers and newspaper printing houses,” Ehrnrooth continues.

With a D65 brightness of 80, good opacity and high print contrast, UPM Brite 80 meets the requirements of customers who require a cost efficient grade with strong environmental characteristics and values.

“UPM Brite 80 completes the already wide range of UPM’s 100% recycled grades. Thanks to its raw material base, office papers, the grade generates unique brightness gains with minimal environmental impact.”

The new grade offers an interesting alternative for publishers and printers who wish to stand out from the competition with improved added value paper. This paper has been awarded an EU Ecolabel after fulfilling strict criteria that include requirements related to energy and chemical use, forest sustainability and production-related emissions to water and air.

UPM Paper ENA (Europe & North America) provides magazine paper, newsprint and fine papers for a wide range of end-uses. To learn more, please visit: www.upm.com.