Next-generation Paper Machine PM7 Goes Live at Mondi Steti

PM7 will produce white kraft paper, mainly for industrial bags and shopping bags.

May 12, 2014 (Press Release) - Under the heading 'Something new is rolling towards you', Mondi’s new EUR70 million PM7 has gone live in Steti, Czech Republic. The machine will produce white kraft paper, mainly for industrial bags and shopping bags.

"PM7 is a very exciting project, offering the combination of exceptionally good printability and high strength properties," says Clemens Willée, CEO Mondi Packaging Paper. "The machine's precision will also guarantee significantly smoother paper surfaces."

The new PM7 – on the leading edge of technology
Located in the heart of Europe, just north of Prague with an annual paper capacity of 155,000 tonnes, the PM7, which will produce white kraft paper, took just thirteen months to build. Construction involved no fewer than 550 truckloads of machinery parts and 2,000 cubic metres of concrete, as the machine weighs 6,000 tonnes. The EUR70 million investment has created around 60 new jobs in Steti.

The paper produced by PM7 will be used for the following applications: Industrial Bags, Shopping Bags, Consumer Bags, Protective Packaging, Coating & Lamination, Ream Wrap and other high quality wrapping.

Outstanding product features: Stronger. Smoother. Perfect printability
The top former allows a higher ratio of soft wood pulp to be used for excellent strength and it ensures even formation and profiles. The shoe calender ensures enhanced printability at high gloss, and delivers bulk, stiffness and caliper. The combination of top former and shoe calendar is a unique set-up which ensures low roughness values.

The technical capabilities of PM7 offer clear advantages for the converting industry and end users. Thanks to excellent printability and surface properties there are more branding options. For example, the smooth surface results create an outstanding gloss and print appearance. The paper grades produced on PM7 also have a low breakage rate, optimised strength, high tear resistance, impressive bulk, caliper and porosity properties.

In addition to offering outstanding product features, the new PM7 meets high environmental standards. It will have a positive environmental impact due to the integration of the pulp to paper production process without the intermediate steps of drying and transporting of the pulp. Consumption and emissions will be significantly reduced as a consequence. Sustainability is a key element of PM7, as reflected in pulp production with an ECF bleaching process, the use of PEFC-certified wood, non-toxic chemicals and the recycling of all waste products.

"At Mondi, sustainability goes hand in hand with quality and efficiency throughout the development and production processes. Creating sustainable added value for all stakeholders is one of Mondi’s core principles and is a key element of its overall strategic and responsible approach to good business practice," says Clemens Willée, CEO Mondi Packaging Paper.

SOURCE: Mondi Packaging Paper