Minerals Technologies to Supply U.S. Paper Mill with Its Fulfill E-325 Technology

April 11, 2014 (Press Release) - Minerals Technologies Inc. announced today that it has signed a commercial agreement with a major North American paper company to provide FulfillŪ E-325, a new, high-filler technology, at a paper mill in the United States. This is Minerals Technologies` fourth commercial agreement for the technology in North America.

The Fulfill E-325 series allows papermakers to increase loading levels of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), replacing higher cost pulp, and increasing PCC usage without compromising paper quality or performance. The advancement of this new technology confirms the commercial progress of the Fulfill brand, which offers papermakers a variety of efficient, flexible solutions that decreases dependency on natural fiber and reduces costs.

"We are very pleased that this major papermaker, which has chosen to remain unnamed for competitive reasons, has adopted our new FulFillŪ technology at one of its major paper mills," said Joseph C. Muscari, chairman and chief executive officer of Minerals Technologies. "The 16 commercial agreements we have with papermakers around the world for this technology exemplify our commitment to advance our technology leadership to support papermakers throughout our global satellite network."

PCC is a specialty pigment for filling and coating high-quality paper. By substituting Minerals Technologies' PCC for more expensive wood fiber, customers are able to produce brighter, higher quality paper at lower cost. In 1986, Minerals Technologies originated the satellite concept for making and delivering PCC on-site at paper mills and the concept was a major factor in revolutionizing papermaking in North America.

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SOURCE: Minerals Technologies Inc.