Glatfelter Announces Executive Management Promotions

March 3, 2014 - Glatfelter is pleased to announce the following executive management promotions, effective March 1, 2014:

John P. Jacunski has been promoted to Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Jacunski joined Glatfelter in October 2003 as Vice President and Corporate Controller. In 2006 he was promoted to Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Jacunski’s role within the company has become more extensive over the past few years as he has assumed greater responsibilities in the areas of operations, information technology, and global supply chain.

Martin Rapp has been promoted to Senior Vice President & General Manager for the Composite Fibers Business Unit. Since joining Glatfelter in 2006, Mr. Rapp’s role within Composite Fibers increased dramatically as the company acquired several new facilities throughout Europe that have led to substantial growth within the business unit. The addition of our most recent acquisition, Dresden Papier, has further established Composite Fibers as a key global growth platform for Glatfelter.

William T. Yanavitch II has been promoted to Senior Vice President Human Resources and Administration. Mr. Yanavitch joined the company in July 2000 as Vice President Human Resources. Throughout his career at Glatfelter he has worked to build a comprehensive talent management and recruiting process that enables Glatfelter to recruit, employ, and retain top talent to drive the successful execution of business strategy across the organization. Mr. Yanavitch also serves as the senior executive leader responsible for the development of effective government relations in support of the Company’s legislative and community interests.

Christopher W. Astley has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy. Mr. Astley joined Glatfelter in August 2010 and is the company’s lead executive responsible for corporate development and facilitating the creation and execution of market-focused business strategies. Mr. Astley played a key role in successfully completing the acquisition of Dresden Papier.

“All of the above mentioned executives have demonstrated consistent growth throughout their careers with Glatfelter and these promotions serve to recognize the long-standing contributions of Mr. Jacunski, Mr. Rapp, Mr. Yanavitch, and Mr. Astley,” stated Dante C. Parrini, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

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SOURCE: Glatfelter