Valmet to Upgrade Two Boilers at Mondi Mills in Sweden and Bulgaria

Valmet will rebuild a recovery boiler at Mondi Dynäs paper mill in Sweden. The mill produces 250.000 tons per year of sack kraft paper and speciality kraft paper.

Feb. 3, 2014 - Valmet said that it will upgrade a recovery boiler at Mondi Group's Dynäs paper mill in Sweden and a power boiler at Mondi's Stambolijski mill in Bulgaria.

The purpose of the upgrades is to increase the capacity and availability of the boilers, Valmet said.

"Mondi has been very active to develop their mills, and we, at Valmet, are very happy that Mondi has selected us for these important rebuilds," said Markus Bolhàr-Nordenkampf, Director Central and Eastern Europe, Valmet.

"Upgrades are an area that is becoming more and more important for the industry in Europe as it relatively quickly increases production in existing plants," Bolhàr-Nordenkampf added.

According to Valmet, the scope and selection of solutions in a Valmet boiler upgrade depend on the needs and technology at the mill or in the boiler plant. An upgrade normally provides increased capacity and improved boiler performance. It can also increase the service life of the boiler by as much as 10-15 years, depending on the circumstances.

Both boiler rebuilds are planned to be ready in the fall of 2014.

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SOURCE: Valmet