SCA to Invest SEK 500 Million In New Digester For Its Obbola Kraftliner Mill

The new digester at the Obbola mill will increase energy efficiency and allow for increased production.

Dec. 11, 2013 - SCA said that it will invest about SEK 500 million (approx. US $76.4 million) in a new digester in the Obbola kraftliner mill outside Umea in northern Sweden.

The new digester will increase energy efficiency and allow continued development of the mill, SCA said.

SCA Obbola is producing kraftliner (the outer layers of corrugated board) based on unbleached kraft pulp.

"The existing eight batch digesters have been in operation since 1962. They are in need of renovation and constitute a bottleneck for the continued development of the mill," the company said in a statement.

Per Strand, mill manager of SCA Obbola, noted, "With this investment in a new digester we will significantly improve the energy efficiency of the mill. We get a modern and reliable production facility and can increase production by 5,000 tonnes per annum."

The Obbola mill currently produces 435,000 tonnes per year of unbleached kraftliner. The mill has about 300 employees.