Southworth Company Renames Specialty Paper Division, Paperlogic

Oct. 15, 2013 - Paperlogic is the new name of the specialty and technical paper division of Southworth Company.

Paperlogic’s focus is on the expanding specialty paper needs of industrial and commercial customers in the medical, agricultural, food service, automotive and home décor industries, among others.

David Southworth, CEO, Southworth Company, stated today, “Southworth has long been the gold standard for business papers in the consumer sector and our specialty papers business has experienced solid growth. After extensive research, discussions with industry leaders and, most importantly, speaking with our customers, we developed Paperlogic as the leadership brand for our industrial and commercial product line.”

H.H. “Brub” Collina, was named Executive Vice President of Paperlogic.

Commenting on the Paperlogic capabilities and future growth, Mr. Collina said, “Our committed team of industrial designers, chemists, manufacturing specialists and product experts are continually innovating and improving our products to meet the evolving needs of our specialty technical paper customers. The decision to rename the commercial division Paperlogic was a direct result of our successes launching new products and applications. Our goal with Paperlogic is to continue focusing on the R&D and product development required to keep Paperlogic at the forefront of the specialty technical paper industry.”

Paperlogic, a division of Southworth Company, is a US-based producer of customized specialty technical paper solutions designed to meet the most demanding needs of its industrial and commercial customers. For more information visit:

SOURCE: Southworth Company