Fisher International Releases Paper Industry’s First Carbon Emissions Database and Benchmarking Resource

Sept. 24, 2013 (Press Release) - The pulp and paper industry now has a comprehensive way to benchmark its carbon emissions. A new model, developed by the paper industry consulting firm Fisher International, can now show the carbon footprint of every pulp and paper mill in the world. The benchmarking tool has already revealed some startling comparisons across the industry according to Stanley Okoro, General Manager at Fisher International.

"We are very excited about this breakthrough because neither the paper industry — nor any other industry that I know of for that matter — has a standardized global database that can analyze carbon emissions both at micro and macro levels worldwide."

The new resource calculates carbon emissions for every pulp and paper mill in the world making 50+ TPD, with segmentation by emission source from cradle to destination. Since the new data is integrated with Fisher’s mill asset and cost databases, it’s possible to conduct rich analysis of asset comparisons by type of equipment, grade, company, region, and hundreds of other factors as they relate to carbon emissions.

The system uses FisherSolve’s powerful benchmarking software, commonly-accepted carbon emissions methodology, and Fisher’s mathematical modeling of each mill’s mass-energy balance to follow CO2 emissions from raw materials, fossil fuel combustion, purchased energy, and transportation. It also provides carbon-neutral biomass emission data. The model allows analysis down to the paper machine-Finished Product level and can roll up analysis to any level above, for example, mill, grade, company, country, region, and combinations of these.

“What many people fail to appreciate at first is that you can’t do this unless you have a structurally integrated database and extremely high quality data. Our unique database structure means that FisherSolve can absorb all kinds of data and make it more valuable than it was on a stand-alone basis. Our exceptional level of data quality means that you can rely on the insights you get,” explained Mr. Okoro.

Fisher uses mathematical modeling to track CO2 emissions by source.

Fisher International embarked on this project in response to the paper industry’s need to take control of the public discussion of carbon issues and individual companies’ need to drive decision making with hard facts. Fisher’s Carbon Benchmarking tool can now be used by the pulp and paper industry as a standard measure and a consistent method for considering policy and commercial issues. The product is available as a module in FisherSolve.

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SOURCE: Fisher International