Oren International Offers to Print Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons Free of Charge on Converting Orders

Rolls of butcher paper come off the production line with the iconic breast cancer awareness pink ribbons printed on them.

Sept. 11, 2013 - Oren International, a Pensacola, Florida-based paper converting company is offering to print the iconic breast cancer awareness pink ribbons on customers' orders — free of charge — during the months of September and October.

Sales Director Mark Jones told news station WEAR, ABC 3 that they've sent off pink ribbon samples to their customers to see what they think and so far the response has been good.

"A lot of positive feedback from our distributors as well as some of the vendors. Our plate supplier actually gave us the printing plate for free as their donation to help out as well," Jones said

Jones says they hope to print more than 5,000 butcher paper rolls with the breast cancer awareness ribbons...that's enough to wrap 3.3 million sandwiches.

For further information about Oren International, please visit: www.oren-intl.com.