BASF to Produce Cost-Efficient Binders for Paper Coating At Its Finnish Hamina Site

Sept. 10, 2013 - BASF announced that it now produces its new cost-efficient binders (CEBs) based on styrene-acrylics and styrene butadiene at its site in Hamina, Finland, which will serve customers in the Northern European and Russian market.

Since 2012, the product line had been supplied primarily to customers in Central Europe from BASF's facility in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

"Following the huge success of our cost-efficient binders in Central Europe, we continue to invest in this product line to expand the success story all over Europe," said Andreas Tuerk, Senior Vice President, Paper Chemicals Europe. "With this, we provide paper manufacturers an additional interesting solution to further reduce their costs."

BASF's Paper Chemicals division offers process chemicals to optimize costs and increase machine efficiency, functional chemicals to lend specific properties to paper, and finishing chemicals to improve the appearance and performance characteristics of printed paper and board. For further information, visit: