Andritz to Supply New Sludge Dewatering Plant to Stora Enso's Skoghall Mill in Sweden

Andritz sludge screw press. Photo courtesy of Andritz AG.

Aug. 19, 2013 - Andritz said that it will supply Stora Enso with a new sludge dewatering line for thickening and dewatering of fibrous sludges at the company's Skoghall Mill in Sweden.

The order includes a gravity table and a sludge screw press to process up to 50 tonnes of mixed sludge per day, which will significantly increase the capacity of the existing sludge dewatering plant. The material to be dewatered consists of a mixture of fibrous and biological sludges, as well as chemical sludges from the mill's CTMP line.

In order to meet the new process requirements resulting from this plant extension, Stora Enso's order also includes the rebuild of an existing Andritz belt press supplied in 1989. Due to the higher final dryness achieved through the dewatering lines in the future, Stora Enso Skoghall will be able to feed a higher amount of dewatered sludge to the power boiler and operate it with greater energy efficiency, Andritz noted.

Start-up of the new plant is scheduled for April 2014.

The Skoghall Mill is an integrated pulp and paperboard mill. The mill has the capacity to produce over 700,000 tonnes per year of paperboard used for packaging liquids, e.g. juice, milk and wine, and dry foodstuffs.

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SOURCE: Andritz