Södra Plans to Increase Pulp Production at Its Värö Mill in Sweden

Södra Cell Värö plans to increase its pulp production capacity from 425,000 tpy to 700,000 tpy.

July 2, 2013 - Södra said that it has decided to apply for an environmental license to incease pulp production at Södra Cell Värö (Sweden), from the mill's current production capacity of 425,000 tonnes per year to 700,000 tpy.

"Södra Cell is currently a leading player in the field of market paper pulp production, and this is a position that we want to retain and develop," said Lars Idermark, CEO and Group President of Södra. "This is why we have decided to apply for an environmental license to expand our pulp mill in Värö.

"We are currently working on reviewing our group strategy, and we expect this work to be complete in early 2014," he explained.

"Expansion of Södra Cell Värö is one of the measures that can reinforce our position and create sustainable profitability. This expansion will result in more efficient production and also pave the way for a long-term, profitable market for our members' wood raw materials," Idermark said.

A final decision on the investment may be made once the licensing process has advanced far enough for what is known as an commencement permit to be issued.

Södra Cell Värö began operation in 1972. Its production capacity amounts to 425,000 tonnes of chemical paper pulp. The plant employs around 330 staff.